System: Algemron
Capital: Galvin, and Alitar
Original Allegiance: A-O, Thuldan
Government: FSA, ISA

History: A G5 star system that has two class 1 worlds. Initially colonized by both the Austrins and the Thuldans, the two governments agreed to split the two class 1 worlds, and exploit the rest of the systems resources as time permitted. During the early stages of GW2, both colonies engage in minor spats as their home governments were enemies.

In 2404 a cease fire was negotiated between the two colonies as continuing to fight was draining each colonies resource. This lasted until August 6, 2461 when for no known reason, the Galvin’s detonated a nuclear weapon in the middle of the Alitaran capital of Beronin. The two colonies immediately resumed total war against each other. Galvin has since become a more totalitarian state, while Alitar is fighting a brutal war of occupation in which they have lost 10% of their world.

The Monitor Mandate has since divested these two colonies from their parent nations. They are now respectively the Federal State of Algemron, and the Imperial State of Algemron.


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